Injection Molding

SKT Injection Molding Manufacturer

Solmser Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for manufacturing high-class technical plastic components processing nearly every kind of plastics ("raw material").

For now more than 50 years Solmser Kunststofftechnik (SKT Injection Molding Manufacturer) has got a reputation for thorough expert knowledge in injection molding, technical competence and reliability. Our employees live quality, are reliable and do always strive to develop economical wise solutions and to assemble plastic parts with a long durability. Due to now more than half of a century of experience in injection molding and also due to our high qualified staff SKT today is a leading supplier of plastic components.

Core competences

SKT Solmser Kunststofftechnik is well recognized as large-volume supplier for high-quality plastic components. Our customers also value our competence in construction & development and project management. Thus SKT is also capable to quickly and reliable manage comprehensive and complex projects.

Capacity for large volumes

Kunststoffspritzerei SKT specialised in managing comprehensive large-volume orders.

Our staff in construction, project management and production is trained to rapidly develop pilot tools as well as tools for mass production and to deliver large-volume orders precisely on schedule.

Specialised mold constructions

Kunststoff-Formenbau Our mold tool construction department is specialised in manufacturing high-quality sophisticated tools.

Our construction division is equipped with all necessary technologies and a high-tech machinery. Tool manufacturing processes are streamlined to the plastic component assembling guaranteeing an optimal overall production flow.

High-precision assembling

Kunststoffspritzguß-Fertigung Pure precision.

The basis of our precision manufacturing and our success: Years of experience, thorough know-how, highly qualified personnel, trained project managers and latest manufacturing technologies.

SKT Injection Molding

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