SKT invests in a new warehouse

SKT is investing again in the real estate infrastructure: construction of a new cold storage warehouse in summer 2018.

After the renovation of the company building, SKT Solmser Kunststofftechnik GmbH continues to invest: A new cold storage hall will be built on the company premises in summer 2018. The new warehouse offers an additional usable area of 1,000 m² - space for around 800 pallets.

Even in the age of just-in-time deliveries, there are always fluctuations in the logistical process chain. With the help of the new storage area, smaller intermediate storage facilities can be created. This way, production fluctuations can be compensated even better and requested delivery times can be realized even more precisely.

SKT is a certified manufacturer of customer-specific plastic injection molded parts made from almost all common materials.

SKT invests in new warehouse
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