Injection Molding

Injection Molding

SKT is a leading supplier of plastic injection molding components. As specialist in the area of injection molding SKT assembles nearly every kind of plastic raw material and only employes high-class machinery of well-known brand manufacturers.

Due to the level of automation throughout the entire process chain, SKT can easily handle small, medium and large-scale orders. A vast majority of our injection molding machines are equiped with handling devices and raw material feeding devices.


Hightech machinery

Our machine park consists exclusively of high quality injection molding machines of the brands ENGEL and ARBURG. In total, we have 17 injection molding machines at our disposal with clamping forces of up to 600 tons and possible part weights of up to 2,500 g. Together with our sister company, BKT Bauer Kunststofftechnik, we have a machine park of a total of 35 injection molding machines - exclusively only machines of high-quality brands ENGEL and ARBURG.


Plastic raw material employed

At SKT we are able to assemble nearly every kind of plastics ("raw material"), for instance ABS, PA, PE, PP, PET, PMMA, PVC (soft and hard), PC, POM, PS as well as TPE in various shore hardness and many more.

As a matter of course every kind of individual colouring is possible as well as component equipment with additives (ultraviolet resistance, antistatics, etc.), filler material (e.g. fibre glass) and of course V0 equipment (fire protection, heat wire resistance).

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Injection Molding

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