Thermoset Processing

Due to a variety of qualities molded thermosetting material is still a very well recognized material. For instance there is still no economical better substitute for metal than molded thermosetting material.

Our thermoset manufacturing is being processed exclusively in our specially built thermoset manufacturing center, setup within the newly in 2017 built company building of our sister company BKT.


Advantages of molded thermoset material

Thermoset material is extremely cold- and heat-resistant. In addition thermoset material molded components are dimensionally stable and noncorrosive and also resitant against acid. Thus such thermoset plastic processed parts are either inflammable or at least only hardly combustible, resistant against acid and against similar aggressive substances. Furthermore plastic components manufactured by SKT can be assembled with a very large wall thickness guaranteeing virtually no mold shrinkage. Thus very complex geometries can be realized.


Processing of thermosets

Latest manufacturing facilities allow an optimal processing of thermosets. A number of injection molding machines as well as molding press machines are available especially just for thermoset processing. In addition at SKT nearly every machine is equipped with material feeding devices and handling robots or handling devices allowing an automated thus economic assembling throughout several shifts.


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Thermoset Processing

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